2024 Leadership: Jayani Samarakkody on How-to Guide with 3 C’s

2024 Leadership: Jayani Samarakkody's How-to Guide with 3 C's

As January 2024 unfolds, following our extended annual breaks, holidays, and celebrations, it’s a time for reflection—an opportunity to look back on the past year and set the stage for the adventures that lie ahead. In our professional journeys, we often encounter leadership roles—whether at the he as a CEO, navigating the intricate entrepreneurial path, or rallying the troops as a team lead.

The contemporary business stage doesn’t paint leadership in stark black and white; it’s more of a nuanced dance between good cop and bad cop. Imagine being the captain of a ship, making the tough calls, ensuring everyone’s on board, and tossing in a bit of empathy for good measure. That’s the intricate art of leadership.

So, how does one weave the magic of effective leadership? In this fast-paced era, I present a straightforward concoction: the 3 C formula.


Change—the word that sends ripples down our spines. We humans are creatures of habit, seeking solace in routines, gadgets, and the known. Yet, the only constant in life is change. Take a closer look at the business realm, and you’ll witness change hurtling towards us at an unprecedented speed. Technologies evolve, trends shift, and it’s all a bit dizzying. It’s a bit like resisting change is akin to standing on the deck of a sinking ship, a lesson we’ve seen play out in the Nokia saga. 

Back in the glory days, Nokia was a juggernaut in the mobile phone industry, but its downfall was scripted by a reluctance to ride the wave of evolving technology and shifting consumer tastes. The hesitant response to the rise of smartphones, combined with a sluggish reaction to changing market dynamics, unfolded like a scene on the deck of a sinking ship. This cautionary tale hammers home the crucial lesson that staying nimble and proactive is the name of the game in today’s ever-shifting business terrain.

In order to master the art of leadership in the world of evolving AI , cozy up to change early. Let your strategies evolve, from the traditional 4-7 Ps of marketing to the very soul of your corporate culture. The first C is about seeing change not as a foe but as a friend.


Now, embrace change with an air of unwavering confidence. Whether you’re perched in the corner office or stationed at the reception desk, let your confidence ripple through your team and resonate in the market. Leadership is akin to marshaling an army; you might not always be in the frontlines, but your confidence should. It’s not just about making decisions; it’s about making them with a swagger.

The second C, confidence, is the glue that binds effective leadership. It’s not just about following trends; it’s about setting them, standing out not just for what decisions you make but for how assuredly you make them.


Change, by its very nature, is bewildering. If you’re the lone warrior confidently hacking through the thicket, your troops might find themselves lost or, worse, blindly following. Enter the third C: Clarity. Effective communication, both within the organization and beyond, is the linchpin. Your message needs to cut through the noise, reaching every corner of your target audience, niche market, and your own team. It’s about making sure everyone not only gets it but embraces change with confidence.

In the theater of leadership for 2024, the 3 C’s—Change, Confidence, and Clarity—stand as the triumvirate for success. It’s not just about captaining the ship; it’s about dancing with the winds of change, ensuring everyone on board isn’t just a spectator but a believer in the unfolding journey. So, leaders, as you embark on this new year, remember the 3 C’s— they might just be the secret sauce for a successful odyssey.

About the writer-

Jayani Samarakkody B.A., a Public Relations expert with extensive experience in Dubai’s PR and Advertising industry. With a passion for communication and crisis management, Jayani has helped businesses navigate the challenges of the digital age, enabling them to communicate effectively with their stakeholders and protect their reputations. Drawing on her knowledge of social media, PR strategy, and crisis management, Jayani brings a fresh perspective to the complex challenges faced by companies in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world.

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