Bombay Borough Launches Exclusive Menu to Celebrate 4th Anniversary

The limited-time menu includes 7 distinct dishes incorporating traditional flavors, global ingredients and distinctive cooking techniques from across the subcontinent accompanied with a modern flair.

In celebration of four years of operations, Bombay Borough, the all-day bar and eatery in the heart of DIFC is launching an exclusive 4th Anniversary Menu that explores a handpicked selection of regional Indian delicacies showcasing local flavours that are enhanced with global techniques and a progressive approach. The limited-time menu features seven uniquely curated dishes that highlight the subcontinent’s diverse regional cuisines and the menu will be available from 19th January to 11th February 2024, with dishes starting from AED 70.

The seven dishes fuse international ingredients, global techniques and heirloom cooking techniques to capture vibrant cultures from different regions across India, enabling diners to experience the nation’s rich and complex flavours through a journey from north to south and west to east. From the crispy Batti Toast to the fluffy Bun Parotta Benedict and the texture-rich Goan Rissois to the aromatic Banana Flower & Jackfruit Sukkha, diners can explore the nuances of regional cuisines and a touch of modernity with every bite. 

Bombay Borough’s 4th anniversary menu promises an explosion of flavours and an innovative way to discover the classic influences that form the bedrock of India’s vast culinary landscape with a fresh twist. By incorporating international ingredients in each dish, the eatery provides a contemporary way of enjoying Indian cuisine while reminiscing time-honoured taste profiles. When coupled with its botanist-inspired beverages, and British and French-influenced interiors, it provides the ideal venue to satisfy cravings for good conversations, classy atmospheres and great food.

The seven dishes in the menu include:

  • Batti Toast – A traditional Rajasthani bread toasted on charcoal, topped with heirloom tomato chokha (relish), fermented chillies and black pepper cream cheese – AED 75
  • Bun Parotta Benedict – A progressive spin to the classic egg benedict featuring fluffy Kerala parottas topped with perfectly poached eggs and layered with a caramelized onion fritter. This is complemented by a mayonnaise infused with signature spices from Kodaikanal in Southern India and elevated with a chilli-tamarind Hollandaise sauce – AED 70
  • Himachali Duck Siddu – an inventive variation to the signature local dish ‘Siddu’ a popular street food in North India’s Himachal Pradesh, elevated with shredded duck, spiced and stuffed in a steamed bun. It is served with rare heart of palm, fermented peach salad and signature ground mustard – AED 85
  • Rezala Chicken Pot Pie – This is a creative take on a classic pot pie that transports guests to the lanes of Kolkata in Eastern India. The popular local favourite, chicken rezala is elevated with chicken simmered in fragrant Bengali rezala sauce, nestled within a buttery and flaky pastry crust coated with a special ‘panchphoran’ (Indian five spice blend) masala – AED 110
  • Surati Locho Cakes – A popular street food from Surat in West India, involving a steamed gram flour based snack that is enhanced with fresh black truffles, an almond crust and fried until golden brown – AED 85
  • Goan Rissois – This Goan-inspired crowd favourite is an elevated version of the classic Goan snack with the same name. Shrimp patties are golden-fried in breadcrumb-coated pockets and served alongside a homemade spicy mustard dip and fiery chilli chutney – AED 95
  • Banana Flower & Jackfruit Sukkha – Tender banana flowers and pulled Jackfruit simmered in a rich and aromatic blend of spices, paired with Mangalorean brioche that is flavoured with cumin and aniseed. This culinary rendition will take diners on a flavourful armchair trip to the serene shore of coastal India – AED 85

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