Bestune Celebrates 70 Years of FAW’s Legacy with a Distinctive Artistic Showcase

Bestune, a prestigious brand from the FAW Group, proudly commemorated the 70th anniversary of FAW at it’s Bestune showroom on the Shiekh Zayed Road.  In front of a high-profile audience of numerous media houses, VIPs, art patrons, industry veterans, and influencers, artists from across the UAE were invited to showcase their artistic talents. 

The event merged the world of art with Bestune’s artistic design concept applied to each of the  Bestune cars and SUVs in the Bestune range.  Headlining the event was Bestune’s flagship SUV, the T99, beautifully transformed through the world of Arabic calligraphy by Rubab Zahra.  Rubab captured the essence of Bestune using phrases such as “Drive your Senses” and “Start a new Journey”.

A huge mural painted live during the event by the talented artist Snehita dominated the Bestune showroom. The mural, creatively concepted by Magzoid Magazine reflects on FAWs seventy years of progress.  From becoming the first to mass produce vehicles in China to producing over four million high ends cars, trucks and buses annually, FAW are now one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers and listed as a Fortune 500 company. 

Mr Andrew Squires CEO of Al Khalid Auto the official distributor of Bestune in the UAE commented “This is a true milestone for Bestune and FAW as it marks seventy years of manufacturing excellence.  I am thrilled that we have been able to express our history of design lead vehicles meeting the needs of the masses through the world of art.  We remain committed to bring exciting new Bestune products to the UAE market over the next two years and look forward to serving our customers with not just the best vehicles but the best in after sales care as well”

This artistic showcase was well attended and blended the realms of art and the automotive design heritage of Bestune and the FAW Group to highlight the brand’s commitment to excellence.

About FAW Group

The FAW Group, also known as First Automotive Works, is one of China’s oldest and largest state-owned automotive manufacturers. Established in 1953, FAW has played a pivotal role in the development of China’s automotive industry. The company manufactures a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, and buses under various brand names. FAW has formed joint ventures with several international automakers, such as Toyota and Volkswagen, to produce and sell their vehicles in China. Over the years, FAW has expanded its global footprint, exporting vehicles to numerous countries and establishing itself as a significant player in the global automotive market.

About Bestune

Bestune in the UAE is a marque of distinction, offering an impressive lineup of vehicles offering beauty of design, driving joy and reliability.  With varying price points and innovative purchase plans the brand offers vehicles to match most budgets without compromising quality.  Each new Bestune model comes with a six year, 200 000 kilometre warranty offering true peace of mind.  The brand is supported by full after sales back up and exceptional parts supply and is committed to customer satisfaction.

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