Meet Snehi Gehlot: the artist behind Bestune unveiling mural

In first of two part series, we introduce you to a  professional mural artist who (with her team) put in 56 hours of work in just three days to bring the mural to life at Al Khalid Auto in Dubai.

For how long have you been in this field? Do u have formal degree in mural painting?

I hold a bachelor’s degree in IT engineering, complemented by a postgraduate MBA. Over the past five years, I’ve immersed myself in the vibrant art scene of Dubai specializing in Mural art. This unique blend of technical and business education has provided me with a diverse skill set, allowing me to bring a creative yet analytical perspective to my work. The synthesis of these diverse influences allows me to bring a unique and innovative perspective to my work, adding depth and complexity to the artistic process.

What do murals mean to you?

Murals are not just my artistic endeavors; they are my true passion, a source of immense pride. Whenever I encounter an empty wall, it becomes a canvas for me to capture through my lens andI infuse it with my creative vision. Beyond the physical act of creating murals, my thoughts and discussions are consistently centered around this art form. In essence, you could say, ‘I think murals, I make murals, I breathe murals,’ as they are an integral and inseparable part of my creative journey.

How many days or hours it took you to complete the mural for the Bestune unveiling event?

I began the mural for the Bestune unveiling event about a week before initiating the actual work three days prior to the event. Despite the challenge of completing a 10m x 3m wall in a short timeframe, I dedicated approximately 56 hours over those three days. It involved intense efforts, with both myself and my team putting in 14 to 18 hours a day. The end result was immensely rewarding – the mural met expectations, and I take satisfaction in the successful completion of the project.

From where did you derive the inspiration of the Bestune unveiling mural?

The inspiration for the Bestune unveiling mural was derived from a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s journey, coupled with insights into the history of the parent company, FAW. The narrative sought to encapsulate the past, present, and the envisioned bright future. Integrating elements such as the company’s introduction, their milestones, and the celebration of FAW’s 70th anniversary, the mural incorporated symbols of collaboration between the UAE and China. To further connect with the location, we featured iconic Dubai landmarks and showcased Bestune’s new car models, T77 and T99, resulting in a mural that beautifully encapsulated the essence of the occasion.

How was the experience of making this mural?

Creating this mural was a thrilling experience, particularly due to its colossal size, presenting both a challenge and excitement, marking it as the largest mural I’ve undertaken so far. The unwavering support from the Bestune team added to the positive experience. What makes this project truly memorable is the intense dedication of three days and three nights, a seemingly impossible timeframe that became a proud accomplishment with the collaborative effort of my team.

How does it feel to be recognised for your work?

Being recognized for my work is a dream come- true as an artist. The support from both the audience and clients is heartwarming, especially when I’m acknowledged as an artist. Reaching this point has been the result of significant effort, and I feel blessed to be known as a mural artist whom people trust with their beautiful walls and visions. My clients have played a pivotal role, providing an incredible force and support in shaping my art career.

Please tell us about other noteable mural works that you have painted so far.

I have done many murals across UAE out of which murals for Restaurant Dhaba Lane (JLT & Al Nahda branches) have been highly appreciated. I have made murals for Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism Department at Al Qattara Arts centre in Al Ain. My outdoor work in German Vet Clinic in Abu Dhabi offers a warm welcome to the pets and the guests. My portfolio is diverse that includes factories, villas, apartments and various private projects, showcasing a range of artistic expressions.

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