Meet Rubab Zahra: the artist behind Bestune T99 calligraphy

In the second of two-part series, we introduce you to the artist behind the beautiful calligraphy on Bestune T99 automobile at the recent Bestune T99 unveiling event.

For how many years have you been into calligraphy?

I am a self-taught calligraphy artist for the past eight years.

How many days or hours it took you to finish the calligraphy for the Bestune unveiling event?

It took me a week’s time to create this beautiful piece of calligraphy art on Bestune T99 automobile.

How do you rate your experience of creating this calligraphy?

It was challenging because of the restricted time and particularly because the expectations were really high as this was a huge project.  But I love challenges, hence I went ahead with this project. My inspiration is Arabic calligraphy itself as its part of UAE’s cultural heritage and you see it all around you, so I infused my signature calligraphy style with Bestune’s and FAW’s slogan and designed a composition that was aligned with the company’s vision. At the end, seeing one’s composition being appreciated and recognised is extremely fulfilling.

How is making calligraphy on a car different from other projects? Was it challenging?

Yes, it was challenging because the time was short and expectations were really high. The car surface was a new medium that I explored, so it definitely had its own challenges, but all is well that ends well!

Where have you exhibited your works till now?

I have exhibited world-wide in countries like USA, France, Russia, Georgia, Mauritius, South Korea and UAE. My work has been exhibited in Moscow State Museum, Moscow and is a part of permanent collection at Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Korea. I have also been recognized on several esteemed platforms and have received multiple awards.

What does calligraphy mean to you?

Arabic calligraphy is a source of motivation for me, it inspires me to create art, its timeless elegance brings energy and curiosity to explore it further and execute it in a better style and finesse each time.

How does it feel to be recognised for your work?

 Being a professional in creative industry is very competitive and challenging, and I am blessed to come across amazing opportunities such as this one, indeed it feels great when your hard work and dedication pays off.

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