Spectator Sportswear: the inclusively exclusive apparel collection by New Balance only in Footlocker

New Balance’s limited edition apparel collection ‘Spectator Sportswear’ drops in Footlocker stores across the GCC. Shoppers get a chance to win a trip to Europe when buying items from the Spectator Sportswear collection.

New Balance takes the simple act of watching sports from home to a newer, more comfortable level with its new limited edition apparel collection: Spectator Sportswear. The collection launched in all Footlocker stores across the GCC today, February 6th.

With full tracksuit fits in several bright and exciting colorways and a varsity-inspired take on the New Balance logo & branding, the Spectator Sportswear collection inspires a look that showcases the spirit of sportsmanship and design; truly elevating the experience of a home spectator. Fashion and comfortability intertwine in the heart of this apparel collection. The big and bold print graphics on this collection set forth a distinct and trendy appearance that is sure to elevate the look of every outfit, making these new designs the perfect addition to everyone’s wardrobe.

The quality of the Spectator Sportswear collection is unparalleled. New Balance is giving relaxation an entirely new meaning with lightweight 100% cotton jersey fabric, allowing for total softness and breathability. Combined with a pair of joggers or shorts from the Varsity collection for a true vintage appeal, this collection has been ideated specifically for the people who want to look and feel good whilst spectating their favorite sports. The shorts and joggers themselves are made of cotton & recycled polyester blended terry fabric, once again combining comfortability, durability, and a stylish look that’s perfect for everyday wear.

The Spectator Sportswear collection is perhaps too fashionable to just wear at home, and so in celebration of this exclusive launch, New Balance announced the ‘Le Code’ competition. This competition will be offering customers who purchase items from the collection a chance to win tickets to Europe. Shoppers are invited to scan the tags of their Spectator Sportswear items after purchase to win. All shoppers will earn a 10% discount on their next purchase while 4 lucky winners will receive the trip of a lifetime.

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