Immersive Escape at Spa Dome: A Unique Polysensory Experience

Spa Dome offers a true haven of paradise, where every visitor can experience an exceptional polysensory journey. Inspired by the benefits of Nordic spas, Spa Dome provides a total immersion in picturesque settings and lush vegetation, recreating various climates and landscapes indoors.

First Spa Dome Planned in Orlando, Florida

A group of investors, who wish to remain anonymous for now, has recently acquired the concept for development in Orlando, Florida. This space, covering approximately 1,500 square meters over three floors, will include aquatic, living, technological, and synthetic amenities. It will be integrated into a new hotel site aiming for an attractive and upscale theme, including a spa, to attract increasingly interested tourists in unique experiences.

A Journey for Mind and Body Wellness

Spa Dome offers an immersive journey guided by technology, allowing visitors to discover and immerse themselves in idyllic natural landscapes in complete privacy. This unique experience enables guests to enjoy a thermal journey through contrasting themed areas, either alone or with loved ones, in a Zen and beautifully recreated environment.

“While exploring the tropical forest area during a visit to the biosphere, I was captivated by the ambiance and the warm, humid air. The atmosphere enchanted me, but I saw a greater potential; it was the starting spark imagining the Spa Dome concept and its environments based on the highest possible immersion for the well-being of body and mind.”
– Jonathan Quesnel, CEO, Creative Director of Spa Dome 

An Immersive and Intimate Experience

During a guided journey using an Apple Watch as an interactive guide, immerse yourself in a fairy-tale world starting from the shower cabinet transformed into a magical portal. Exiting through the back door, you will find yourself immersed in a tropical forest enveloped in mist and silence, with a temperature of 25°C and humidity of 88%. You will then arrive at the hammam disguised as a small Mayan waterhole to experience your first thermal treatment.

The Desert Island Fantasy 

This experience is akin to the famous “deserted island fantasy” or the quest for original discovery: being in the heart of nature, disconnected from the tumult of the outside world, but in a safe and idealized setting like in dreams or in the movies. To enhance this feeling of intimacy, Spa Dome may even offer the option for guests to experience it in a free of choice (naturist) mode, with the use of simple infrared cameras for control and security, ensuring the privacy of all guests.

What Price for an Instant of Paradise

According to estimates and financial projections, for a 1.5-hour journey, the cost of semi-intimate access is expected to be around $600 per person, and $900 for more intimate journeys if this option is offered. While relatively expensive, Spa Dome targets an increasingly numerous clientele seeking more memorable than affordable experiences.

An Immersive Experience Combined with a Spa: Two Sought-After Assets in Current Tourism

In addition to its immersive journey, Spa Dome will naturally offer a menu of signature treatments and massages to conclude this experience memorably.

Considering that tourism now demands a spa, treatments, and massages within their hotel premises, while being attracted to unique and upscale experiences, we believe that Spa Dome is perfectly positioned to create a strong attraction, especially if integrated into a hotel site located in major recreational tourist centers.

Spa Dome Stands Out with its Relaxation and Rejuvenation Offerings in Contrast to the Bustling Urban Scene

Spa Dome is a recreational enterprise that operates in the spa market but positions itself more as an entertainment offer in a niche that is largely untapped, providing an experience that bridges the relaxation of a traditional spa with the stimulating immersion of a typically more intense offering.

Will Spa Dome Extend Its Reach Across the Globe?

This is obviously the goal of the creators, who are currently motivated by this initial acquisition and are seeking to spread the news to attract future visionary investors ready to acquire such a concept and build a Spa Dome soon in an independent space, or integrate it into their existing or developing real estate projects, to attract more tourism. In conclusion, Spa Dome aims to establish itself as an essential reference in the tourism and wellness industry. With its innovative concept and immersive experiences, it provides a unique and memorable experience for travelers seeking relaxation and luxury. Thanks to the dedication of its creators and the support of investors, Spa Dome is gearing up to expand its presence worldwide, offering an unparalleled wellness retreat to an increasingly broader audience.