KPS sees used furniture as an opportunity space

  • KPS furniture arm Mart® partners with Waste to Wonder Worldwide
  • Unwanted office furniture is re-used for school projects in Africa
  • The benefits are huge CO2 savings and zero furniture to landfill 

UAE-based interior construction group KPS and its independent furniture arm Mart® believes that waste is the failure to take advantage of an opportunity. That’s why Mart® has teamed up with certified social enterprise Waste to Wonder Worldwide. Waste to Wonder has been redistributing office furniture and equipment to good causes around the world for over twenty years.

To-date they have equipped over 1,400 schools in 40 countries through their School in a Box programme. Last year alone, they diverted over 2,500 tons of equipment from landfill and donated furniture worth over AED 18 million to great causes around the world. On average, 97% of the used workplace furniture Waste to Wonder acquires is reused, 3% is recycled, and zero goes to landfill.  

Sebastian Stefan who heads Mart® said: “We kickstarted this partnership by clearing out our own warehouse in Dubai, and that furniture is on its way to a school in Ghana. We’re now offering this service to all our clients to ensure that whatever we are clearing out of their old workspaces is benefitting those in need – and our planet.”

This redistribution process delivers measurable environmental and social impact and ensures outstanding sustainability results. Young people in disadvantaged communities around the world are seeing the benefit. Waste to Wonder provides full ESG reports detailing CO2 and cost savings, and the positive social impact of each clearance project.

Nick Glover who heads operations for Waste to Wonder Worldwide in the Middle East said: “KPS with their furniture arm Mart® are one of the region’s leading fit out groups. We are happy to have them on board as our partners to drive awareness and continued growth in our operations. The more used commercial furniture and equipment we have, the more schools we can support and the more the environment benefits.”