Flashmob Nation, Dubai-Born Sustainable Brand To Offer Same-Day 90-Minute Delivery

Ever wondered if you could shop for a party in two hours or a last-minute meeting tonight—all from the comfort of your couch? Imagine a brand that delivers your perfect outfit the same day in just 90 minutes!

Flashmob Nation, the local sustainable high street clothing brand that’s as vibrant as the city itself, is the first UAE brand to offer same-day 90-minute delivery service. Now, the excitement of flashmobs can arrive at your doorstep in just over an hour!

Flashmob Nation is all about stylish, comfortable, and high-quality apparel for both men and women. Whether you’re after t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, or jackets, or even party sequins, this brand has it all, inspired by the spontaneous fun of flashmobs. Their mission? To help you express yourself confidently and creatively through what you wear.

Founder Shreyas Mehta, known for his stint on Bravo TV’s ‘Love Without Borders,’ says, “Fashion anxiety is real. It can creep in just as you decide on a meet-and-greet lunch with co-workers or a late-night party with friends. Our 90-minute assured delivery and a commitment to true-to-expectation products bring much-needed relief in such circumstances. Quick commerce is making inroads into every aspect of our lives. I’m glad to pave the way for it in Dubai’s fashion industry.”

But that’s not all—Flashmob nation is also committed to sustainability. Recently certified by Climate Plus, they’ve stopped five tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Their eco-friendly approach includes using natural dyes, prints, and labels, with no harmful chemicals.

Check out their ‘Not So Basic’, ‘Party Criminal’, ‘Snob Society’, and ‘Rave Fashion’ collections for proof. Made in Turkey with organic, Pima, and bamboo cotton from India, these pieces are top-notch.

‘Not So Basic’ is all about chic loungewear, featuring oversized hoodies, joggers, and buttoned shorts. ‘Rave Fashion,’ on the other hand, brings the festive element with funky designs, tassels, and rhinestones. ‘Party Criminal’, is all about premium reflective prints and studs, beautiful silhouttes & embellished patterns and Snob Society features a hint of youth mixed with oversize designs and a lot of Style!

Though Flashmobnation started as a digital-first brand, you can now find their trendy threads as they enter the world of Retail with ‘Ether by C’ – Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, along with flash stores at Playa Boutique in Palm Jumeirah and Designer’s Hub in Agenda, Media City. With this growing omnichannel presence, a strong sustainability ethos, and the new 90-minute delivery service, Flashmob Nation is becoming Dubai’s go-to homegrown designer brand.