Life opens 400th milestone pharmacy outlet

The expansion reiterates its position as the largest pharmacy network in the UAE.

Life Healthcare Group, UAE’s leading homegrown healthcare company and owner of the country’s largest pharmacy outlet chain, has announced the launch of its 400th pharmacy cementing its leadership position in the healthcare sector. The expansion reaffirms Life Healthcare as a major player in the region, offering the most comprehensive range of pharma, skincare, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, supplements, vitamins, and medical equipment solutions to residents.

Since its establishment, Life Healthcare Group has emerged as a pioneer in healthcare retailing in the UAE, redefining the way people access essential medical services. With the launch of its milestone 400th pharmacy outlet, Life Pharmacies maintains its position as the largest pharmacy network in the UAE. 

Commenting on the launch of the new pharmacy, Mr. Abdul Nazar, MD & Chairman – Life Healthcare Group said, “We are delighted to announce this incredible milestone for Life Pharmacy. For the past 27 years, we have been dedicated to making healthcare accessible and affordable to all people in the community. This achievement is a testament to our vision and the tireless efforts of our dedicated associates. We are also making significant strides beyond the borders of the UAE, having recently ventured into the retail pharmacy market in other countries.”

“With a strong emphasis on illness prevention and overall well-being, Life Pharmacy goes beyond traditional illness management by prioritizing health and wellness. The brand firmly believes that a healthy population leads to a happy society,” he added.

Mr. Adam Abdul Nazar, Deputy CEO – Life Healthcare Group said, “Our mission is to foster an environment that empowers customers to prioritize their well-being and find inspiration in their journey to wellness. We are taking a momentous leap forward in our dedication to providing customers with an unmatched retail experience. This new milestone exemplifies our unwavering commitment to becoming the preferred neighbourhood pharmacy, offering enhanced access to our loyal customers right next door.”

We are thankful for the support from local communities and are glad that we have been able to foster a positive culture of health and wellness across the UAE. We want to ensure preventive healthcare for all by normalizing health screenings and making them as accessible as possible because, with early intervention and periodic health evaluations, we can address health issues before they become serious. We continue expanding our network and healthcare offerings to make sure that we are always able to meet the needs and requirements of our patients and customers.”

Life Healthcare has already launched two pharmacy hypermarkets and plans to open 100 pharmacies and 15 pharmacy hypermarkets by the end of 2024 in India. This expansion represents the group’s ambition to extend its mission of accessible healthcare beyond national borders.

Life Pharmacy serves as an exclusive representative of a vast portfolio of 170 renowned international brands throughout the Middle East. Leveraging state-of-the-art systems and processes, Life’s robust supply chain management reinforces the group’s commitment to elevating the customer experience.

The award-winning pharmacy offers customers a comprehensive assortment of top-tier, certified products across a diverse range of categories, including skincare, nutrition, cosmetics, mother and childcare, and home-use medical equipment, among others.

Life Pharmacy is synonymous with trust and familiarity in the UAE, serving people across communities, neighbourhoods, shopping malls, business districts, workers’ locations, and every street across the nation. The company has experienced an impressive journey of growth and success since its inception in Jumeirah in 1996. Grateful for its accomplishments, the brand credits its progress to the visionary leaders of the UAE and unwavering support from the community.

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