Uzbekistan Unveils “Tourism in New Uzbekistan” in (UAE)

Uzbekistan also launches  “The Tourism Potential of Uzbekistan: Sustainable Tourism, the Green Agenda, and Engagement with the Middle East”.

Uzbekistan has taken a giant leap into the world of global tourism, strategically targeting the Middle East market. The nation showcased its rich cultural heritage and commitment to sustainable tourism practices through two noteworthy events in UAE. The first event, titled “Tourism in New Uzbekistan,” took place on November 14, 2023, at the Khiva Restaurant on Bluewaters Island in Dubai. Following this, on December 3, 2023, Uzbekistan showcased its tourism potential at the COP28 event with a forum titled “The Tourism Potential of Uzbekistan: Sustainable Tourism, the Green Agenda, and Engagement with the Middle East,” held at the Uzbekistan National Pavilion at Dubai Expo.

The “Tourism in New Uzbekistan” event organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the United Arab Emirates in association with Uzbekistan Airways and renowned national tour operator Asialuxe Travel showcased the vibrant tourism landscape of Uzbekistan to an audience of travel enthusiasts, industry professionals, and esteemed guests. With an impressive turnout of 50 participants, the event featured Uzbekistan as an emerging gem in the tourism industry. Uzbekistan Airways presented top-notch services, emphasizing connectivity. The presentation by other Uzbekistan partners unveiled hotel properties & travel itineraries with diverse landscapes, cultural treasures, and emerging hotspots, including iconic sites like Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, underlining Uzbekistan’s cultural significance and rich history.

Continuing the momentum, “The Tourism Potential of Uzbekistan: Sustainable Tourism, the Green Agenda, and Engagement with the Middle East” forum made waves at the COP28 event on December 3, 2023. This exclusive gathering, hosted by the Government of Uzbekistan, attracted experts, government representatives, industry professionals, and academics to discuss innovative approaches to tourism development in Uzbekistan. The forum featured an opening ceremony from high-ranking representatives of the governments of Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates. The conference was structured around two sessions focusing on sustainable and green tourism and the prospects for cooperation between Uzbekistan and the Middle East strengthening cultural ties through the role of tourism.

The notable speakers at the forum included Mr. Aziz Abdukhakimov, Minister of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Ms. Zorista Urosevic, Executive Director of UNWTO; Mr. Umid Shadiev, Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Ms. Shireen Mistree, Head-ESG, VFS Global; Mr. Arijit Munishi, CEO, Tune Protect; Ms. Roula Jouny, CEO, Tourism and Hospitality Eriell Group Uzbekistan; Mr. Ajay Bhojwani, Managing Director, MCI Middle East.

Uzbekistan’s dual showcase in the UAE has positioned the nation as a significant player in the global tourism arena. The commitment to implementing key recommendations, unveiling new tourist routes, and deepening collaborations with Middle East countries reflects Uzbekistan’s strategic vision for tourism development. These events serve as a testament to Uzbekistan’s charm as a must-visit destination, inviting global travellers to discover the country’s rich cultural tapestry and warm hospitality. The nation stands poised to make a lasting impact on the global tourism landscape, and stakeholders eagerly anticipate the unfolding chapters of Uzbekistan’s journey in the international travel sector.

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