Memorable Iftar through REDTAG’s lens of fashion

REDTAG brings unique perspectives & homeware to celebrate Ramadan and Iftar.

Memoirs of Maghribs and the ensuing Iftar dinners during the auspicious month of Ramadan have a special place in world literature, and rightly so — the idyllic setting marked by sanctitude and quietude gets gradually permeated by an air of excitement and cooking aromatics. People yearn for companionship and a strong sense of community, hoping to bask in joyous moments and be oblivious to the passage of time. Therefore, it is unsurprising, REDTAG says, that people emphasize the aesthetics of their adjoining spaces, hoping for the inanimate objects to reflect and embody the festive spirit.

The value-fashion and homeware brand’s beliefs are underscored by visible market trends towards décor-rich Iftar settings in recent years. Right from the doorstep, with the warm embrace of suspended fanous, and all the way to the fast-breaking table, with the beckoning of ornate trays and Ramadan-themed centrepieces, specialized and curated home décor and tableware are commonplace. REDTAG, known for its unique balancing act between aesthetics and functionality, has launched curated Ramadan homeware to add to the celebrations. 

Enticing ensemble for fast-breaking

A separate, dedicated fast-breaking space, be it a tiny counter cushioned with Ramadan-themed linens or a corner of the dining table, laden with festival treats, nuts, and desserts, adds a touch of class. REDTAG brings sumptuousness to such spaces with luxury hammered-style glass cloches and ornate rectangular trays with golden calligraphic motifs. The vintage-inspired layered dessert stand or an embellished gold-calligraphic cake stand can steal the spotlight at the centre, complemented by some mellow lighting emanating from the LED strings traversing the perimeter. 

Festive furnishings

REDTAG’s “homegrown” advantage, characterized by a nuanced understanding of Middle Eastern culture, is embodied by the furnishings in the latest Ramadan homeware collection. The generous use of sober gold and cream hues in beddings and throws complements the extravagance of coordinated cushion covers in tufted, handwoven, and embroidered options. The metallic-gold applique cushioning adds to the holistic hospitality that hosts aspire for when friends and family visit throughout the holiest month.

Cultured carpeting

Rugs are deeply ingrained in Islamic culture, dating back to its genesis. Ramadan is incomplete without some cultured carpeting, particularly those featuring timeless Persian tapestries. A Gabbeh rug or an Iranian carpet can be transformative for a living room, bringing a palpable element of warmth befitting an evening of homely Iftar. REDTAG’s catalogue offers an array of options, be it for specific purposes such as prayers or generic ones for dining and living rooms. 

Tableware that does the talking

A memorable dinner boils down to details: An embossed cutlery, an inconspicuous placemat, or table linen obscured by all the food. Such seemingly unimportant details can often make all the difference. REDTAG has delved deeper into such details, launching themed napkins nestled inside spiral golden placemats or gold-and-white rectangular beaded placemats that evoke intrigue, table linens that invite a caress, and weighty cutlery that is as utilitarian as they are decorative. These, combined with some exquisite bone-China dinner sets, can do all the talking for the host. 

The finishing touches

Ramadan, at its core, is an uplifting month. It manifests righteousness, suppressing human perils and affliction. So, this period rationalizes indulgences that otherwise elude our routine lives. That could be an Arabesque lantern oscillating in the courtyard, harmonizing with the evening breeze, an innocent knick-knack idling on the console table, or a scented candle silently lifting the spirits. Such finishing touches characterize REDTAG’s unique take on a memorable Iftar gathering. 

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A BMA International company, REDTAG was launched as a value apparel and homeware label in 2006. Driven by the vision of delivering high-quality and affordable fashion and lifestyle products, the brand has emerged as a leader in its niche. From its first store in Abu Dhabi, REDTAG has rapidly expanded to over 225 outlets across the Middle East and Asia – including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and many more locations. REDTAG is built on a strong customer focus, delivering enjoyable in-store experiences and seamless online interactions that are designed to exceed expectations. The brand takes a ‘Glocal’ approach to its offerings – adapting global trends to local sensibilities. REDTAG’s highly successful ‘RT Rewards’ loyalty program is currently over 15 million members strong and growing fast. The program encourages repeat visits through tailored offerings and special rewards, with over 90% of the company’s transactions now coming from repeat customers. REDTAG is the RetailME award winner for the ‘Most Admired Retailer Award for Excellence in Children’s Wear’ 2022. 

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